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Stereogramma Lab

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StereogrammaLab is a team composed by young professionals who offer services within the architectural and graphic design industries.

Officially founded in January 2014 StereogrammaLab took shape from the desire of its components to know more and compare themselves with the outside world. We are enthusiastic youngs who want to keep up to date on new realities and technologies: for this reason we want to keep growing offering our abilities to deliver even better creative and technical services.

We work on each project with attention, accuracy and passion, seeking to realise a product coherent with the needs and requests of every client that entrust our professional skills.


Meeting with the client and the analysis of its needs are the starting point of each assignment


Ideas are digitalised and presented to the client who can actively follow its development


The peak of the project evolution is its realisation: it is printed or published

Stereogramma Lab

Architecture is the wise, proper, and magnificent play of the volumes beneath the light.

- Le Corbusier


Our services are personalised according to every client needs.
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It is estimated that the human being passes almost 90% of its lifetime inside a building: that is why it is essential that locations are comfortable and appropriate for the use they are addressed to. From the preparatory to the executive stage of the project, from the council paperwork writing to the construction site works direction, from the evaluation of the state of affairs to the work execution test. We follow the whole administrative procedures to create our projects. Thanks to the ten year experience in the architectural design, we are able to offer professionals services that totally satisfy every clients requests. We take on every work with attention, accuracy and directness.

Architectural Design

Architectural planning for every need

Building and cadastral practices

New constructions, renovations, maintenance

Rendering and image integration

Creation of a 3d model of you project

Energetic certification

Health, environment and energy savingo

Safety coordination

Coordination and safety plan in order to have a safe construction site


To communicate signifies to speak, observe and imagine. It is like to create. We offer a complete service to realise original communication products; from the brand conception to the creation of a corporate identity, from the realisation of an advertising leaflet to the production of an illustration. From the proposal to its concrete realisation we carefully chase each step in the creation of the project requested by every client. we make our ideas and creativity available to obtain a product custom-made on you. We love to create and to communicate because we believe in it and also because " Imagination governs the world" (Napoleon I).

Communication Design

Brochure, flyer, template, web

Corporate Identity Design

We make your identity unique


Two and three dimensional creativity elements

Packaging Design

Creation of the product image

Editorial Design

Realisation of catalogues and editorial materials

Stereogramma Lab

The quality of the things we see determines the quality of our life.

- Bruno Munari.


Some of our works

Stereogramma Lab

Less is more.

- Mies van der Rohe.


This is us



Master degree in building architecture - Politecnico di Milano



Post-graduate degree in Communication and organisation for Contemporary Art - Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera di Milano



Graphic Design & Art Director degree at NABA - Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti di Milano

Stereogramma Lab

It was created,
it is created,
it will be created.


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